Sec. 125
Beginning in 1975, we started offering "Cafeteria" fringe benefit plans to our public school clients. This was before the Sec. 125 "Cafeteria" Fringe Benefit Plan law was written in 1978. Since that beginning with one school district in 1975, we now provide Sec. 125 plan benefits for numerous public schools and corporations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas.

Our Sec. 125 plan business in the public schools has become the basis for a lot of our growth in the Sec. 403(b) market. The servicing of and our visibility in providing Sec. 125 benefits to our public school employees provides a natural extension into the Sec. 403(b) market.

Through our Sec. 125 plans, we are able to offer employees coverage in group term life insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, cancer insurance and in Kansas, health insurance through a preferred provider network. Also, we offer flexible spending accounts for dependent care and medical reimbursement.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Sec. 125 business, we are able to provide our representatives expert assistance in developing the Sec. 125 market in their area.
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